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Brooklyn - Oak in Williamsburg


Oak is an intimate restaurant and wine bar located in Williamsburg Brooklyn since 2007. Inspired by the cantinas in Italy and the bistros in France, our philosophy is as ancient as wine itself: great food made simply and naturally.


In our tiny kitchen we employ traditional methods of preparation and give a twist to classic European dishes to create a seasonal menu. Our food is rustic, home-like and prepared daily using only the best quality ingredients we can get.


At Oak, we focus on wines with character; wines that express their place of origin, soil, climate and the whole vine environment known as terroir. We pay the same special attention to the beers we select, favoring classic breweries with long established history.

361 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
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Hours:    4pm - 7pm, Monday - Friday
Dinner:    5pm - 11pm, Sunday - Thursday
    5pm - 12am, Friday & Saturday
Brunch:    11am - 4pm, Weekends & Holidays

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