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Manhattan - Elderberry Catering

Elderberry Catering is a New York City based company with a distinct European flair imparted by its three executive chefs who hail from Austria.


Specializing in European cuisine with a modern flair, classically trained executive chefs Wolfgang Ban and Eduard Frauneder, and executive pastry chef Werner Tschiedel, bring over 20 years combined experience to the field of distinctive catering.

By incorporating regionally grown produce and by translating international cooking techniques that use a whole foods approach to cooking, they have found a way to use traditional cuisine as a solid base from which new ideas can emerge.

In addition, the team runs the German House Restaurant, serving the Consulate General of Germany in New York and German Mission to the United Nations.

6 East 87th Street
New York, NY 10128
646.552 3692
212. 828 5372
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