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Brooklyn - Prime Meats

Prime Meats based in Brooklyn, NY is a farm to table restaurant that sticks to German tradition when it comes to making sausages. Their house-made Weisswurst, Bratwurst, and smoked Frankfurter are as authentic as they are delicious.


It is part of America’s Germanic cuisine boom according to BON APPETIT magazine’s writer, Andrew Knowlton, who touts Prime Meats as one of the “Foodist's Favorite Germanic Restaurants Across America”. Prime Meats has also been nominated for a "Munchie Award 2012” in the category of "Most Intriguing Cocktail Bar."!

map it 465 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
location website

General Hours:
Mon.-Wed: 11am - 12am
Thurs., Fri: 11am - 1am
Saturday:  8am - 1am
Sunday: 8am - 12am

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