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Frank is a licensed soccer coach and creative playmaker. He developed his playing and coaching skills in the renowned German soccer clubs of Dynamo Dresden and Borussia Moenchengladbach. From his soccer passion and expertise CoachFrank NYC was established in March 2011 and has already become a leading adult soccer coaching service in Downtown Manhattan. The programs offer a fast and inspiring way to improve skills and understanding of the game.

We organize group lessons, games and leagues, we assemble and coach teams, and we work 1-on-1
with new-to-the-game and advanced players to refine their skills. Many adult players especially enjoy our unique soccer fitness programs where we combine elements of soccer with a cardio and fitness workout.

For kids, we offer special Soccer & Agility programs in which we focus on overall agility, coordination and body awareness. These programs give kids, in their early stages of development, a playful introduction to a healthy lifestyle. Respectful interaction, discipline and a healthy can-do mentality are key traits we want them to discover for themselves during each session.

Whether you are doing your first steps in soccer shoes, a young student working towards a soccer-scholarship, an adult in a league or just trying to get back in the game- we have the right training program to help you achieve your goals.

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