CityKinder LLC offers access to a vibrant community of German speaking families in the New York Metro area. A wide range of services and education programs is designed to help families build a supportive network for children and their parents alike.


Through our classes and seminars members of the CityKinder community find essential information on raising children in New York City and surroundings. Our popular cultural events are a welcome opportunity for newcomers and longtime New Yorkers alike to celebrate their cultural heritage while meeting other families of a similar background. A Babysitter & Nanny listing helps families locate a German speaking babysitter for the occasional night out, or a childcare professional for full or part time positions.


Our website features a variety of helpful links of service providers and businesses. Here, an abundance of instrumental tips and resources can be accessed so that expecting parents as well recently arrived families will be able to easily transition into parenthood and settle in their new environment.

For any questions, call Gabi Hegan at 917 442 1418

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