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Ten Free Ebooks for Berlin-Lovers! Berlinica is now selling ebooks on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, for the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony and Kobo Readers, the iPad, and all other devices.


To celebrate this, Berlinica is raffling off ten ebooks! All you have to do is to answer those five questions about Berlin and send the answers to before March 1, 2012. Good luck! FOR THE QUESTIONS, CLICK HERE

The first ebooks are "Wallflower", a love story set when the Wall fell, the history book "Berlin in the Cold War", "Berlin for Free", a guide to everything free in Berlin, and "The Berlin Wall Today".

Berlinica Publishing LLC is a new, New York-based press that brings books and more from Berlin, the formerly divided city, to America.


Berlinica is owned and run by Dr. Eva C. Schweitzer, an author and journalist from Berlin, who lives in New York City. Berlinica offers fiction, history books, travel guides, photo books, cookbooks, maps, documentaries, feature films, and music, as well as calendars, signature T-shirts, or mugs.

 All Berlinica titles are in English or subtitled, available to customers at and, and to booksellers at Ingram or at our website.

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Berlinica’s first selection of titles also features The Berlin Wall Trail, a bike-hiking guide to touring remnants of the Wall, by Michael Cramer, who represents the Green Party in Europe; Berlin in the Cold War, originally published by Bebra Verlag; Berlin for Young People, a guidebook for adolescent travelers; the guidebook Berlin for Free; a Berlin cookbook; and the documentary The Red Orchestra, by Stefan Roloff. Upcoming titles include Jews in Berlin, by Julius Schoeps, Hermann Simon, and Rabbi Andreas Nachama; Berlin Stories, by Kurt Tucholsky, an acclaimed journalist of the Weimar Republic; the documentary The Path to Nuclear Fission, about Lise Meitner and by Rosemarie Reed; and a music CD by chanteuse Adrienne Haan entitled Berlin, mon amour.

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