Wawick & Framus Custom Shop


This world-class store for music equipment and guitars opens its doors in New York's East Village - not only its variety of products but also their exceptional quality and the store's excellent expertise make it a new top address for artists and musicians in New York.

76-80 East, 7th Street
New York, NY 10003
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In 2007, Warwick was celebrating its 25th anniversary. Despite ever-increasing competition, Warwick can face the future confident that it has the wherewithal to succeed. Warwick´s products are sold in almost 50 countries. In 1996 the company opened an office in Shanghai in anticipation of future market and procurement opportunities. It is one of the world´s most highly regarded makes by bass players of every persuasion, and it is the only German or European manufacturer of stringed instruments in the Rock and Roll business that has proved capable of sustaining a premium position in the world marketplace.

Store opens on September 24, 2009!

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