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Manhattan - Apotheke

Bartenders mix drinks.  Austrian born Albert Trummer crafts the culinary cocktail - the liquid equivalent to gourmet cuisine.  Trummer, an internationally acclaimed cocktail artist, meticulously blends fresh fruits, botanicals and secret elixirs. Trummer borrows techniques from the kitchen and apothecary to create masterpieces that blur the line between chemistry and art.

While Trummer has been noted as having coined the phrase ‘bar chef,’ that’s now a thing of the past.  Now he refers to himself as an ‘apothéker,’ someone who uses herbs and botanicals to create medicines and elixirs. 

Trummer imports special herbs and ingredients from Europe never before released in the United States.  He has collected recipes from monks and monasteries and used them to create ancient herbal remedies and infusions.  Once again, Trummer has raised the bar for the cocktail industry.

map it 9 Doyers Street
Chinatown, btwn Bowery and Pell Streets
New York, NY 10036
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