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Brooklyn - Spuyten Duyvil


Great selection of imported German bottled beers.

359 Metropolitan Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Ne
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Guaranteed, you won't recognize a single beer's brand name at Spuyten Duyvil, a busy Williamsburg brewpub in a country kitchen setting. There are scores of beer selections, listed on chalk tablets by nation of origin — including Belgium, France, Sweden, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and Finland  but not even those hip to Chimay, Duvel and other recent imports will find familiar territory. Start by telling proprietor and resident grog expert Joe Carroll what sort of brew's for you and his mental lexicon rolls out a few tasty options from Belgian lambics and tart saisons to English stouts and German weissbier, mostly priced from $7 on up to the high teens for a pint. Sake, Mexican hot chocolate and gluhwein (a cider-like hot spiced wine) provide alternative libations; nibbles include pungent cheese and meat plates.

The homey space comprises thrift shop furniture and a large table in the back, reminiscent of a beer hall's long tables, where the Billyburg bohemian crowd gathers nightly.

The origins of the spot's name, which is a bastardization of the old Dutch "spuit den duyvil" or "in spite of the devil," may have something to do with its beer selection (one category of which is labelled "Flemish"). It is presumably unrelated to the channel that divides Manhattan and the Bronx, which shares the same moniker.

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