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Manhattan - Loreley

"The ambient music pulsing in the background of this distinctively upscale, succinctly stylized German pub may seem incongruous -- until you discover the owner is DJ Foosh, a.k.a. Michael Momm. Although he was born in the Big Apple, he was raised in Cologne, Germany, and Momm missed his adopted fatherland so much that he decided to import some Deutsch culture to the Lower East Side. The menu offers German food with a fresh organic touch -- all dishes were created by Momm's mom -- and on tap, you guessed it, German beer. Grab a stein and drink all of your favorite imported dunkels, helles, pils and bocks. No need to question the authenticity of the place: You'll be partying in a crowd punctuated by German accents. For a breath of fresh air, step out onto the spacious stone patio complete with wooden tables and benches -- a replica of a biergarten and an excellent place to relax with freunde." -- Ashley Lederer, AOL City Guides

Loreley is now open for brunch Saturdays & Sundays at 1 pm!

map it 7 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
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