Kolping New York

Kolping New York started in the lower hall of the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, East 17th Street on October 14, 1888 with 20 visionary and dedicated men. Theobald Dengler, a Kolping member in Germany, with the aid of Karl Loerwald, who was born in New York.

In the autumn of 1980 in the true spirit of Father Kolping’s program of providing reasonable, clean and decent surroundings for young people away from home, New York Kolping purchased the Susan B. Devin Residence in Bronx. This was done with the idea of extending our program and endeavors into new areas such as providing housing for women as well as men and for senior citizens seeking a more secure atmosphere. This handsome building, in addition to very nice private rooms, features an elegant dining room and lounge and a stunning and inspirational modern chapel including beautiful stained-glass windows. Concurrent with our work of providing housing and promoting strong and unified family life, we hope to spread knowledge of Kolping ideals and attract new membership from a different area of the city
165 East 88th Street
New York, NY 10128
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