The Kolping House (NY)

Kolping New York started in the lower hall of the Church of St. Mary Magdalen, East 17th Street on October 14, 1888 with 20 visionary and dedicated men. Theobald Dengler, a Kolping member in Germany, with the aid of Karl Loerwald, who was born in New York, had gathered friends for this event. The latter was well acquainted with the Kolping work because his father had known Father Kolping personally.

The Kolping House, a residence for young men, is located at 165 East 88th Street, New York, New York 10128-2241. For information about rates and room availability, call 212-369-6647 or fax request to 212-987-5652.

The Kolping-on-Concourse facility is a residence for men and women. It is located at 2916 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10458. For information about rates and room availability, call 718-733-6119.

Rooms at the Kolping House can be also booked for First Communion-, Graduation-, Birthday-, and even Wedding-Parties.

New York, NY 10128
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