Steuben Society of America

The Steuben Society of America is a patriotic and fraternal organization founded in May 1919. It is named in honor of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben who collaborated with George Washington to transform the  colonists into the Continental Army.

U.S. citizens who are wholly or in part of Germanic origin and at least 18 years of age are eligible to become members.  Spouses (who are not of Germanic origin) of members are welcome to become Associate Members.

The mission includes the cultivation of our ideals of Duty, Justice, Charity and Tolerance.  Active participation in national life and the exercise of civic duties is encouraged.  The Steuben Society maintains no political affiliation.

Fraternally, the group works to promote the welfare and enhance the happiness of members and others.   It proudly recognizes the remarkable accomplishments and contributions made by Americans of Germanic descent.
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