Amt Osterholzer Verein

"The AOV was organized in 1873 by immigrants from the North-German hamlet of Osterholz, now the county seat of Kreis Osterholz, which includes such town as Ritterhude, Lilienthal, Worpswede, Hambergen and Pennigbüttel.
In the early days the two neighboring hamlets, Osterholz and Scharmbeck, were still independent, but in 2003 they will celebrate their 75th anniversary as a single town.
The AOV in America is therefore older than the city of Osterholz-Scharmbeck in Germany. In fact, the Amt Osterholzer Verein is over 135 years old. The AOV has the motto: Friendship, Gemütlichkeit and heritage."
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