United German Hungarian Club

It began with the emigration of a people from their ancestral homelands in Germany to the wild and open Danubian plains of Hungary.  They endured hardships and hunger, and in time created beautiful towns and villages that looked like picture postcards from Bavaria, Austria, and other parts of Germany.   Several hundred years later, war, prejudice, hunger, and new opportunity combine to drive many away.

Quite a few of the immigrants landed  in Philadelphia, and in 1910 form the Banater Männerchor.  The group grew swiftly, and were soon able to purchase a site at Eight & Columbia.  This remained their home until 1923, when a property at 2007-12 North Second Street was acquired.  As members of the United Worker's singing Societies of the North Eastern States, various singing groups were successful until the late 1940's.

In 1922, the Banater Athletic Club organized.  Even in the early years, soccer teams made great strides.  Soccer remains our major sport.  Over the years, senior and youth teams won many championships at local, state regional and national competitions.  Club members have been active at all levels, and the Club has played host to numerous regional and national championship finals.  In 1965, the Club won the United States Amateur Soccer Association Open Club in a thrilling game held at the Club.  They repeated this feat again in 1999, becoming the last open cup champions of the 20th century!

In 1939 after a failed merger of all of the German Hungarian clubs, the Club's membership decided to change names to The United German Hungarians of Philadelphia and Vicinity.  In 1946, a country property was acquired, and in 1965, the present clubhouse in Oakford, Bensalem Township, became the permanent home.  At the same time, a new constitution was created, and established an atmosphere for all of the various groups to work together for the overall good of the Club.

On February 4, 1973, a destructive fire ravished our clubhouse.  Thanks to enthusiastic leadership from the Club's President and Board, and the dedication and long hours from a large group of members, a new clubhouse opened almost three months to the day from the disastrous fire.

Along with Soccer, dance has always been an important part of the Club's social life.  Throughout the years those in charge have brought not only cultural and ethnic music and performers, but also popular entertainment to the Club.  Our traditional Kirchweih Dances were performed from the beginning.  The youth of the Sport Club soon started to perform various German, Austrian and Hungarian dances.  In 1965, our present Cultural Group was officially formed.  This group continues to perform both ethnic and contemporary dances.  This eventually led to the formation of the Schuhplattler Group in 1976.  This group continues to perform to this day.

Presently, four generations are actively involved in the Club.   
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