German Heritage Council

The German Heritage Council of New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that works year-round to present an authentic German-Heritage Cultural experience one day a year, each year for people of German Ancestry, people interested in the German culture, or people just looking to have a fun day.

This means that a small group of people works hard all year to coordinate this special day.

At this festival, vendors selling merchandise including Trachten clothes, German music usually not found in stores and other paraphernalia are available for browsing. A large tent is dedicated to German-American cultural information and history and many local and nationwide organizations are represented here.

The German Heritage Council organizes bands from Germany as part of a stage show – the highlight of this annual German festival. Each year, the committee is fortunate enough to arrange for talented stars from Germany to take part.

The council is also eager to raise money to make a scholarship program for young talented graduate and undergraduate student possible. This educational program has the aim to promote German language and culture.

The budget supports furthermore German cultural programs in New Jersey such as the Garden State Cultural Fund (which raises money to provide free programs for New Jersey's school children, senior citizens and other deserving residents); Ethnic Festivals and the Steuben Parade.
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