Deutsche Sprachschule New York


"The Deutsche Sprachschule New York offers friendly and unique learning opportunities in small classes. all taught by native German teachers. Special attention is placed on the development of the spoken language. The youngest students play, sing and dance. Later they are introduced to reading and writing in a playful and age appropriate curriculum. Between the ages of 14-18 students can take certified exams that make them eligible to receive college credits or to study at a German university. Help is also provided for students preparing for the advanced Placement Exam and the SAT II in German.Other than a weekly 'Kaffeeklatsch' in the River Lounge, the school builds community and connects the language experience to the German/Austrian/Swiss cultures by celebrating holidays, customs and by holding an annual lunch.Hours:Saturdays 9:30-12 during the school year, at the UNIS, 25th Street and East River DriveClasses:>Pre-K through 12>Adult Intro, Intermediate and Conversation classesVideo + Book library and a Parents Lounge also on premise.Contacts:>Dr. Valerie Weintraub: (718) 429-4922>Mady Palese: (201) 592-6820>Mechthild Schmidt: (212)-213-1636Email:"

United Nations Int'l School
24-50 East River Drive
New York, NY 10010
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