Original Enzian

On October 4, 1922, a group of musical and dance talented German/Bavarian-speaking immigrants came together for the purpose of fostering the traditions and culture of their former home and took the name of Schuhplattler V.V. (Vergnügungs Verein) "Enzian". 


Original Enzian is the second oldest Schuhplattler Verein in North America and its members continue to endeavor to uphold the traditional Tracht (dresswear) from the area of Miesbach, Bavaria and Schuhplattler dancing from areas throughout Bavaria and Tyrol.

Original Enzian is a founding member of Gauverband Nordamerika and a member of the Vereinigte Bayern of New York.

Throughout its ninety year history, the members of five generations of Original Enzian have continually strived to follow the club motto established in its earlier years, "Fest und Treu Halten Z’am, die Buam und Deandl’n vom Enzian" (we stand together united and strong, the boys and girls from Enzian).

1132 Hempstead Tpke
Franklin Square, NY 11746
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