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Coaching Masterminds was born out of the idea that every professional (and senior executives in particular), benefits from coaching and can develop tremendous leadership potential skills.  Coaching is all about facilitating positive change in the client.  Ultimately, the client's quest to examine their current thinking, challenge the status quo and improve their conceptions of professional and personal life and interactions can be supported by effective coaching.


Our coaching masterminds focus primarily on leadership and management/executive coaching.  Following the NYU coaching program's philosophy, coaching mastermindsTM emphasizes the coach's presence, as well as the knowledge, skills and practices that stem from various disciplines of learning, positive psychology, philosophy, change theories, systems theories and applicable areas in neuro-science


Gudrun Fischer is a trained executive and organizational coach from New York University (NYU).  She followed her coaching calling after spending many years of her career  working in many different industries, primarily in the consumer products and IT industry.  During that time she worked in various areas, such as application software development, business development, product management, and business consulting.  Gudrun collaborated with clients from Fortune 100 companies to help them transform their organizations through the design and implementation of strategy-, process-related and organizational changes, and by implementing and managing enterprise application systems. 

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