Bayern Verein Newark

Founded in 1931, by Bavarian immigrants seeking to relive their German traditions, the Bayern Verein Newark organizes several dance groups which perform all over the area and include a repertoire of many different, traditional dances.

Schuplattler dances include: Ammerseer, Andorfer, Haitauer, Haushammer, Reit im Winkl, Schnackwalzer and more.

Other volkstanzen are: Bandltanz (Zopftanz), Kronentanz, Muehlradl, Steirer Figurentanz, Sternentanz, Zillertaler Laendler and others.

People wanting to join the club may join as an active member of the club or may also choose to join as a dancer.
VFW Post 2433
2012 Kirkman pl
Union, NJ 07083
908 687.2775
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